Athlon model 6 multiplier adjustment

The multiplier on a model 6 Athlon is set through a combination of the L3, L4, and L10 bridges. Because of the way that these bridges are connected, setting a configuration that is not in the standard table can damage the chip.

To rejoin a bridge, the laser cut must first be filled with some non-conductive material. If the gap is just filled with conductive material, then that bridge will be "locked" to the joined state, and cannot be changed by the motherboard (eg: through the BIOS). Since it is often difficult to remove the material, this method is not recommended.

The bridge configurations and the corresponding multipliers are:
MultiplierL3, L4, L10 configuration
11.0L3: L4: L10:
11.5L3: L4: L10:
12.0L3: L4: L10:
12.5L3: L4: L10:
5.0L3: L4: L10:
5.5L3: L4: L10:
6.0L3: L4: L10:
6.5L3: L4: L10:
7.0L3: L4: L10:
7.5L3: L4: L10:
8.0L3: L4: L10:
8.5L3: L4: L10:
9.0L3: L4: L10:
9.5L3: L4: L10:
10.0L3: L4: L10:
10.5L3: L4: L10:
MultiplierL3, L4, L10 configuration
[*1] 3.0L3: L4: L10:
19.0L3: L4: L10:
[*1] 4.0L3: L4: L10:
20.0L3: L4: L10:
13.0L3: L4: L10:
13.5L3: L4: L10:
14.0L3: L4: L10:
21.0L3: L4: L10:
15.0L3: L4: L10:
22.0L3: L4: L10:
16.0L3: L4: L10:
16.5L3: L4: L10:
17.0L3: L4: L10:
18.0L3: L4: L10:
23.0L3: L4: L10:
24.0L3: L4: L10:

*1 = Some motherboards (particularily desktop motherboard) have problems with the 3.0x and 4.0x multipliers, so these should be avoided, especially for the L3 bridges.