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Latest news:
30-Apr-04: AMDID released
Current versions:

OOSBuster is a Windows-based program for helping to prevent, and help recover from, OOS (also known as RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome). It supports all Windows versions from Windows 95 to Windows XP.
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   Current state:
Nexnix has now been updated to support listing the songs on the player, and also downloading songs from the player. There is also substantial documentation on the memory format, and some documentation on the wire protocol. The next update should support experimental writing to the player: I have the details figured out, and some code written, but it needs some work to become fully functional.

Nexnix has been put on hold indefinately until workload decreases.

   Over time, various chunks of information have been published on this site. These are the ones that are still available:

   Software development
Custom software development for Windows and Linux systems, either for one platform or cross-platform. Specialising in high-performance optimisations on modern processors.
   Website development
Fast and secure CGI binaries, PHP, DHTML, Java and Javascript all can be provided.