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- W  OOSBuster
OOSBuster is a Windows-based program for helping to prevent, and help recover from, OOS (also known as RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome). It supports all Windows versions from Windows 95 to Windows XP.
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- W  MMDrawer (FREE)
MMDrawer is a simple program developed to draw chromosome maps from the output of MapMaker EXP. The output format is a Enhanced Metafile, which can be imported into most Windows-based presentation or document editing programs
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L W  Nexnix (FREE)
Nexnix is a (manufacturer permitted) reverse-engineering of the software for the Nex (version 1) MP3 player, produced by Frontier Labs.

The existing player only functions under Windows 9x due to direct port accesses, so the aim of this project is to produce a Windows NT driver, and a Linux kernel module.
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AMDID (new names welcome!) is a simple program that decodes the product codes visible on the top of AMD K7 (Athlon, etc) or K8 (Athlon 64, Opteron, etc) CPUs. Eventually, it wil be linked in with online overclocking databases, but at the moment the focus is on complete detection of all K7 or later AMD CPUs.
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- W  OOSBExerEdit (FREE)
OOSBuster Exercise Editor (aka OOSBExerEdit) is a visual editor that can be used to produce OOSBuster exercise libraries.
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